Best of Kaoss Planet debuts Summer 2021

A highlights clip show featuring Best of clips from Kaoss Planet, debuts with episode one: Psychedelic Jamz… on my Back Porch Heater. This 5 minute clip is the first of many to be extracted from the hour long Kaoss Planet. This show gives casual viewers the very best improv parts without all the fussy build up in creating a live looping song with solos.

Kaoss Planet features Portland producer Mark Mager performing on 2 Korg Kaossilators and a mini-KP (Kaoss Pad). Special guest is DiscoRobo, an animaTronic toy robot that dances to the music and chats in between dance moves.

Catch live streams of Kaoss Planet on the B-Catalog Twitch and B-Catalog YouTube channels summer 2021.

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