Mark Mager – The Movie Companion

Copyright: 2005
Genre: comedy
Sub-genre: play along laugh tracks
Format: MP3 album only
Edition: original release
Added to B-catalog: February 2009
Performers: editing by Mark Mager
Details: The Movie Companion is a single 37 minute long track consisting of nothing but laugh tracks and air. The intention is to sync it to Return of the Jedi, as one might sync Dark Side of the Moon to Wizard of Oz. The cheers, boos and laughter fully realize the camp and sitcom nature that was the first act of Return of the Jedi.

The file does not contain any material taken from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The track may infact be sync’d to several different movies. Try it with the original Exorcist.

Track Listing
1 Act I (37 minutes)

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