StarP TreP: A Galactic Holoday

The Year is 2115 and the Earth is suspiciously low on salad dressing. Especially ranch. The corporation which handles condiment food services, STARP TREP, has dispatched two administrators to find out what is causing a delay in the supply chain. Lieutenant Murray Mitchell McKenzie, The Scotsman and Communications Officer Barbara “Babs” Riley have boarded their company van and are en route to the processing center.

Who knows what awaits The Scotsman and Babs on their adventure? Will The Scotsman get trapped in a gift shop of an AirBnB? Will their van fail to start at one of the many rest stops? Do they require the service of their Captain to help get them out of a sticky situation with the natives?

Meanwhile on TerraBaud, a floating factory that makes the condiments for The Food Federation, two robots find themselves caught up in an intergalactic conspiracy. Panda Barbiturates, a Delta Level Green HR worker is tasked with instructing a newly hired robot, Beep Beepio (BBPO), one of the last generation HustleBots created by the now defunct Angry Blackman Tech Industries.

BBPO has other plans though. Using a loop hole in security, he plans to get direct access to The Master, TerraBaud’s CEO and partner controlling interest in the firm. With direct access to The Master, BBPO intends to unleash a torrent of truths and bring equity to the Universe at last.

These are the adventures of StarP TreP: A Galatic Holoday

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