Commodorks – 8 Bits to Freedom

Copyright: 2009
Genre: electronica
Sub-genre: computer game music
Format: MP3 album, CD
Edition: original release
Added to B-catalog: 2013
Performers: Mark Mager (atari 2600, commodore 64) Sean Bartley (commodore 64)
Details: Music made on early video game consoles using modern cartirdges. More than just beeping and 8 bit squaking sounds. Songs have intros, verses, choruses, bridges and are as complicated (or simple) as today’s pop hits. Tools used are an Atari 2600 running Synth Cart, a commodore 64 running Music Machine (ca 1984 cartridge) and a Commodore 128 running Prophet64.

Track Listing
1 March of the Commodorks
2 Demo Scene
3 Spectrum ZX
4 8 Bit Duo
5 Ping
6 Byte My Baud
7 Bleep Thoughts
8 Master of 8 Bits
9 My Beeps are Jamming
10 Micro Chips

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