The Path To Redemption

The Path To Redemption is a 10 episode series in the style of storyboard theater in which 8 characters square off in a battle royal at the office. They form alliances, break treaties and even try to take control of the situation.

Featuring: Franz Ott, Jennifer Nau, Jeff Serrato, Ray Rayder, Carol Ann Carnese, Michael Cade, Bryce Van Patten
Opening/closing theme music by Brett Van Donsel
Written & Directed by Mark Mager
Produced by Infinity Fish Productions (aka mark mager)
copyright 2017 Mark Mager

Episode 1: The Sirens of Antiquity
Tax time. Kathleen takes coffee orders. Susan is thinking of a number.

Episode 2: The Sojourner’s Spectrum
Kevin is into insects. These damn meetings have so much red tape. Why does Kevin keep coming back to Arkansas?

Episode 3: Embers of the Past
Kids want to build a great wall and give evidence why. Kathleen wants to hold a meeting.  Who really is Bruce Willis?

Episode 4: Led by the Acolytes
What you know may already be lethal to you. No one in the office can find their keys. Again. Re-occuring gags aplenty. Juggling. Much this episode.

Episode 5: Beholden to the Crest
What lies below, so lies above. The uncanny are convinced of fish canning. Abroad? Sometimes. But most likely here too. In hell.

Episode 6: Three-Dimensional Magnoliascape
Most teams would have quit. Broken down. Left the ring peacefully. Not our gang. They are here because the other place wouldn’t take them.

Episode 7: Temple Quest of Rain Orbitals
They knew a thing or two, those who traveled with their own bar stools. But we wouldn’t budge. Not our crew. Not matter how delightful the perfume turned out to be that fair morning.

Episode 8: Goblets of Infinity
Like a rhinestoned cowboy, hippies were back at it. They set the desks on fire. Accidents, it turned out later. They had mistaken them for stoves. The news brought us this wisdom. We cherished it.

Episode 9: Maritime Dissent
When will the rage subside? When we replace this dead battery. That was the quiet words of the weather program, broadcast at midnight. Received during breakfast.  And spoken about in much length until long past the following midnight. Dad said, “Git Walkin’.”

Episode 10: The Light of the First Tomorrow
We’ve come full circle. The Shire was Hell and Hell was the Shire.  Even the menus are the same. Gone camping.

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