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A PSA from our Galactic Overlords: Once a week, Zeus serves up galactic messages from those who rule from above.  Check out the Zeus and give it a like and thumbs up. Or thumbs down. We don’t care. But give. (Show Details)

BARS: A series that explores the eclectic music gear collection of Portland artist/producer Mark Mager. Also includes interviews with notable musicians and producers.

Church of Astrology: More people read their horoscope everyday then consult the bible. Is this neo-religion? The source of real power, real knowledge, real wisdom? Come along with us as we show you the other side of Astrology. The Church recognizes those with the Gift.
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Cool Album Covers: A podcast where we look at 5 covers by theme, like BOWLER HATS or CIGARETTES. All this and a bag of ice. The show features actually album covers held in our hands and not some internet jpeg search. Many covers of rare and collectible vinyl from our own stash.
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The Path To Redemption: A 10 episode series in the style of storyboard theater in which 8 characters square off in a battle royal at the office. They form alliances, break treaties and even try to take control of the situation. (Show Details)

StarP TreP: A Galactic Holoday: An animated series about a great space opera. Features characters based on bootleged toys and odd releases from major toy companies.
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Welcome to Portland: Our video almanac to urban Portland. Tips, secrets, histories, guides and common lore. All provided for those venturing into Portland for the first time.
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Movie Spoiler Alerts: A weekly audio reading of the tweets from the Spoilerwerks account for those who want an digest/roundup style. (Show Details)

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