Welcome to Portland

Welcome to Portland. Tips, Guides, History. A video almanac for urban life in Portland, OR.
Hosted by Shy Guy. For entertainment purposes only.

Episode 1: City NickNames   <TIP>
Learn the many names our city goes by. Each means something different. Knowing your audience will help you with which nick name to use.

Episode 2: City Umbrellas <Tip>
Plenty of dos in Portland. There are also a couple donts. Here is but one of them.

Episode 3: City Geography <Guide>
Break down of the 4 quadrants of Portland proper with that one section just North.

Episode 4: Keep Portland Weird <History>
Some history on where the slogan came from. Hint: not Portland. And some of the many hilariously playful satires.

Episode 5: Past Music Clubs pt 1 <History>
Another history lesson. This time we run down some of the previous clubs, since closed down but mentioned in articles and lore over and over again.

Episode 6: Guide to Donuts <Guide>
There are tourist donuts and there is the real deal. Find out which is which.

Episode 7: Shrines <Guide>
We look at ghost bikes, toy ponies on sidewalk horse rings and sweaters knit for the sole purpose of clothing statues.

Episode 8: Portland Music Festivals <History>
In this episode we run down the history of NxNW, MFNW, Project Pabst and PDX Now!.

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