B-Catalog launches new Instagram account: Sticker Town PDX.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new Instagram account called Sticker Town PDX. This account will be boots on the ground, in the trenches style reporting from Portland streets, all the random and weird stickers you find across the city.

No motives. No Messages. Just art discover. Please subscribe and follow this acct if you like sticker art from the streets.

Several vetted contributors will be posting to this account on a regular basis. Sticker Town PDX would like to provide one quality sticker pic from around the city per day. Follow along and enjoy the show.

B-Catalog Records now on DSound (steemit)

The Internet is a big place. There are a lot of hovels and inns for the web surfer to stop and enjoy the view. One such place is DSound. Using the blockchain and tying into the Steemit platform, developers have created an open non-partisan version of Soundcloud. And B-Catalog Records & Films is there! Now kick off the shoes and peruse the song titles in style over at our official DSOUND account. We’ll be posting various back catalog tracks and new songs too. Follow the channel and add our tracks to your next playlist.

Join B-Catalog Records on Steemit

Welcome to the blockchain my friends. Firing on all pistons, B-Catalog Records & Films is now available on Steemit.com, the open social blogging site. Long after the likes of Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube go down, Steemit, dtube, and BitChute will be going at full strength. Here you can find our music videos and original web series. Plus, off the cuff blog posts about life, love and fooling around.

Come to Steemit and get in on the ground floor of the next wave of social networking.

Stellar Stellar – Ruby Maser EP available through online retailers

The Stellar Stellar EP, Ruby Maser is available through various online retailers and streaming services. The 5 track debut release contains the songs Hot Spring of A Nucler Winter and Freedom 81, the first 2 music videos/singles to be released.  This EP can be acquired from iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon as well as streamed on popular formats like Spotify and Deezer for all you Euro fans.

If you like instrumentals, dub and electronica, this is your new jam. Each cut features Sean Bartley on modular synth and Mark Mager on bass guitar.

Twitter Account Added

B-Catalog Records and Films has multiple twitter accounts under various artists names but none for the label itself, so we decided to slap one together, to share new releases of songs and videos. You can find and follow us at twitter.com/b_catalog. Be on the look out for news about artists, upcoming shows, and specials from the product catalog itself. We may post behind the scenes footage here and making of material that wouldn’t grace the home site or Facebook page. We could also retweet and favorite things we like.  It sounds like fun because it is.  Welcome aboard.