QueenBee Jackson – Sexy Motherfuckers

Copyright: 2004
Genre: rock
Sub-genre: shoegazer
Format: MP3 album only
Edition: re-release
Added to B-catalog: March 2009
Performers: Hilary Spray (vocals, guitars) Aaron Z. Santigian (bass) Aaron Berlin (guitar) Willy Greer (drums)
Details: QueenBee Jackson is another stellar band brought to us by husband and wife duo Hilary Spray and Aaron Z Santigian. The band performed for many years on the Portland music scene drawing steady crowds and winning much acclaim from the arm chair critics of the Portland weeklies. Spray fronts the band and was known for mesmerizing audiences with her stage presence, vocals and fashion.

This re-release comprises of the bands first two (and only) releases: Lovers Leave EP and Delicate Creatures EP. Delicate Creatures (tracks 1-6) is probably the better of the two and makes you a QBJ fan after the first couple tracks. The recording is rougher but really gets cooking in spots and slams some audio ham. We gave it the soft master and cleaned some studio noise. Lovers Leave (tracks 7-10) is more polished sounding and if you’re a fan of the first EP, you will fall down and worship at the altar upon hearing this one.

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. One More Thing
3. Come Summer Gone
4. Fear
5. Delicate Creatures
6. Fools Follow
7. Oh Well
8. Far Away
9. Lovebird
10 Bits & Piece

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